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How can we the masses of Nigerians, who represents about 99% of Nigeria‘s above 180 million population continue to surrender the solemn task of building industries throughout Nigeria completely in the hands of our political ruling class and few rich elites, who represent only about 1%? We have been waiting and begging these 1% privileged Nigerians for the last 50 years without any result. Join the first one thousand Nigerians to own the first industry in any chosen part of Nigeria and in any chosen industrial sector by the group. (1) Let us join and register a company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC); (2) Open a joint account with any commercial bank in the company name; (3) Contribute small money each into the account to buy land and build some infrastructure of the factory; (4) Then use the factory structure asset as a collateral to apply and obtain loan from any commercial bank or bank of industry to complete the industry. We shall consult experts and banks on the localization and the type of the business to invest in... JOIN NOW, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY TO INVEST IN IT, BUT BE READY TO DO THE PROJECT MANUAL LABOR

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