(1): WATCHGOUT for new feature called “Netsharer” for Members to start EARNING daily without referral loading… (2) We currently have series of comments from Members; apologies we cannot take all due to limited resources. (3): If you were once a Member of Netcontacts since 2012-2018, please register afresh. (4): WELCOME TO THE MOST LEGIT ONLINE BUSINESS IN NIGERIA. #1 Online Money Making Platform in Nigeria. All Payments goes directly into your local bank account.

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Nigeria’s finest online empowerment business where you can make more than a Million Naira.

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How it works?

If you refer one (1) person you’ll get paid ₦1,500 and there’s no LIMIT to the number of people you can invite as Netcontacts Membership.

1 person = ₦1,500
5 people = ₦7,500
10 people = ₦15,000
20 people = ₦30,000
50 people = ₦75,000
100 people = ₦150,000

NetContacts Nigeria

Nigeria’s finest online empowerment business where you can make more than a Million Naira. NetContacts is NOT a Ponzi scheme or Investment platform. It’s an online empowerment platform that allows you to earn money from the comfort of your bedroom. A business platform for: students, house wives, civil servants, employers of labour, employees and the unemployed. No profit sharing! All payments goes directly into your local bank account.

It’s 100% Money Making platform where you’re the real Boss. As Active or Paid Membership you have access to all features on the dashboard and also, only you have the RIGHT to activate anyone that registered on the platform through your Invitation Code. You’re not selling any product or services for NetContacts Nigeria.

To become a Paid membership you need to activate your account after registration by paying a token of ₦1,500 to the person you registered through his or her Invitation Code as shown on your Dashboard after successful login as free Membership. Thereafter, as Active Membership you earn ₦1,500 for each person that joins the platform through your Invitation Code.

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Steps to register
It's simple

Follow the process below. It's easy and simple.

Step 1

Log on to https://www.netcontacts.com.ng

Step 2

Click on "Register" and register on the platform with your personal information. You would be asked for your Invitation Code. If you have Invitation Code (IC) from someone input it. However if you don't have, then kindly proceed with your registration without Invitation Code(IC).

Step 3

Kindly check your inbox/spam for Email Verification to confirm your account.

Step 4

This is the stage you make payment of ₦ 1,500 to your referral account as shown on your Dashboard. However, we’ll advise you first contact your referral for immediate activation once payment is confirmed. What this means is that only the person that you registered with through him/her Referral link or Invitation Code as shown in your Dashboard can activate your account.

Step 5

After payment is made into the account details of the person that invited you, your account will now be activated and then have full access to NetContacts Nigeria features. As a PAID MEMBERSHIP you can now start inviting as many people as you like using your referral link or Invitation Code. There’s no limit on the people you can invite. The more people you invite to join NetContacts, the more you smile to the bank. Isn’t that great? Yes of course! Also as an active Member you can promote your products and services here for FREE.

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