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How to promote

How to promote

Simple methods to promote NetContacts Nigeria and start making cool cash.

PLEASE NOTE:The promotion strategy you’ll want to use is not limited to the following, so therefore stick to the strategies that works great for you.

Mouth Watery

It cost you nothing to tell someone about NetContacts Nigeria. No one is going to buy a product or service they haven't heard of, nor will they buy it if they don't know what you offer. What this means is that you MUST, first tell someone about this business and what they tend to gain for each person that joined through them.

Family Members

Everyone has family members. You can easily tell them about NetContacts Nigeria and before you know you’ve started making your money.


Who does not have friends? Of course you do have. Tell your friends about this beautiful business and I’m 101% sure they will like it because they too want to make money.


If you’re a working class person, then the truth is that you have colleagues right there in your office. You easily make cool cash telling your friends about NetContacts Nigeria.


Hardly you tell anyone that you don’t have neighbors where you live. If that’s true then nothing stops you to introduce this business to them. These are people you can easily convince and before you know you’re already making your money.

Church/ Mosques

In most cases as a Nigerian, it’s either you’re a Christian or a Muslim. What if you consider telling your members or departmental people about NetContacts Nigeria? Definitely it’s a great idea and a place you can easily bless someone’s life with this life transforming business.


Go to Events/Seminars and spread the good message of NetContacts Nigeria. Aside attending, you equally organize Events/Seminars on wealth creation.


Are you a student of tertiary institution? Then you have a better opportunity to start making money by introducing NetContacts Nigeria to your fellow colleagues. Do you work or own a school also? Then great, tell them about this profitable business, you’ll be surprised how many people that will registered through you.


If you’re a working class person, then the truth is that you have colleagues right there in your office. You easily make cool cash telling your colleagues about NetContacts Nigeria.


Social media platform is another great place to promote your business and instagram is one of them. Some of the strategies:

  • Follow top celebrities that have great followers and then promote NetContacts Nigeria with your Invitation Code.
  • Buildup your own followers and then start uploading your NetContacts Nigeria business to them.
  • Use the power Hash tag #NetContacts Nigeria on your Posts.

Facebook Page/Groups

Within minute you can easily create your own Facebook Business Page and start promoting your NetContacts Nigeria Business. You can also join top facebook Groups that has thousands of followers and you could be reaching out to thousands of Nigerians interested to register through your referral Link/Invitation Code. Lots of people are making cool cash with these strategies and you too can do the same.


You’ll agree with me that hardly you see any Nigerian that has android phone and doesn’t have Whatsapp on it. Gone are the days when people use their phones for mere chatting. It’s time you monetize your phone! If you’re on Whatsapp then there’s possibility that you’re in a one group or the other. What stops you from promoting your NetContacts Nigeria Business in these Groups? You can even create your own Business group. Making ‎₦1,500 from each person that registered through you can help you solving some of your financial problem.


This Mini Blog is another great place you use to promote your NetContacts Nigeria business. And one great thing is that you merge your Twitter, facebook page and instagram accounts together. What this means is that you can easily be promoting your NetContacts Nigeria at a go.

Bulk SMS

If you have access to hundreds/thousands of valid Phone Numbers, then Bulk SMS is a great method to reach out to many people as possible. Search online you’ll find lots of companies that offer Bulk SMS services and they’re very cheap to use. Less than ₦1 you could reach out to a potential person willing to register on the platform with your Invitation Code. Imagine using less than 1 Naira to make ₦1,500!

Forums/Blogs and Blogspot

There are lots of online Forums/Blogs you can easily be promoting your NetContacts Nigeria Business thereby reaching out to hundreds of Nigerians on daily basis and one of them is Nairaland Forum. If you have good knowledge of Blogspot then great because all you need are contents on it and start promoting your web link to whatsapp, Telegram, Forums etc for people to read more about the Netcontacts Business. With Blogspot you don’t need to buy Hosting or Domain.

Blog Website

If you already have Blog Website, then you’re good to go by updating/posting your NetContacts Nigeria Business there. And if you don’t have one then you can approach a developer to create one for you. Promoting your NetContacts Nigeria business on your own Blog Website gives you authority and credibility of the business.

Whatsapp Number Extraction

Have you found yourself in Whatsapp Group(s) and immediately you promote your products or services the Admin immediately remove you without indebt knowledge of your post? We have a strategy for you! Do you know that you can easily extract all the contacts (numbers) of any group you belong and comfortably send them bulk sms at a very cheap rate? This is a good Digital Marketing strategy many folks don’t know. Let’s say you belong to a group of 240 people, you extract their numbers and send them customize message at a cost of about less than ₦400. There’s high possibility that at least 25 people will registered and from that 25 people let’s say about 10 persons activate their accounts that gives you ₦1,500X10 (₦15,000). This simply means you have used less than ₦400 to make about ₦15,000. Which kind of business can give you such pay? Go online you’ll see lots of Bulk SMS Portals to register with, and also you’ll see articles and videos on how to extract contacts from any Whatsapp Group you’re a member. All the best!


Nowadays, a lot of business owners are using telegram for business because it is very easy to handle in less time and you can create a very big community by telegram groups and telegram channels. This platform is a good for business because you’ll have full control over your audience or followers. Those who have followed your telegram channel can connect with you by telegram groups. Telegram is an updated version of WhatsApp. Though, in WhatsApp you can add limited people in the group but in the telegram, you can add unlimited people in your telegram group or telegram channel. There are Channels/Groups that have up to 5,000 members. Imagine you have such group and you’re promoting your Netcontacts business, don’t you think you’ll be making good money?